5 True Inspiring Stories of overcoming illness

Life is a not a bed of rose! Life has been so unfair to many in the world. Yet, there are some individuals, who beat all the odds in their life and achieved big. Battling the chronic diseases or life threatening illnesses is not an easy thing, but definitely not impossible. Read these 5 true inspiring stories of overcoming illness and being really successful in life.
Sudha Chandran, Dancer and Actor

Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran, the famous Indian Classical dancer needs no introduction. The 50 years old actress met with an accident when she was just 16 years old. While the injury was minimal, the doctors missed out on treating the wound and plastered it. This created severe infection and left her no option, but to get her leg amputated. She was a budding dancer then, but never wanted her disability to dominate her life. With a prosthetic leg, she rose to fame as one of the leading classic dancers of the country. Of course, she is also a renowned actress, a famous personality in both film and television industry.

Aries Merritt, Athlete
Aries Merritt
Aries Merritt is an American athlete who specialized in the 110 meter hurdle race. Aries Merritt is the World Record holder and an Olympic champion of the year 2012. Soon after setting the World Record, the very next year, he almost collapsed during the World Championship held in Moscow. He was diagnosed with a rare, hereditary kidney disorder, which demanded organ transplantation.

He underwent the organ transplant surgery and stayed in the hospital for 6 months, from October 2013 to April 2014. However, he recovered very quickly from the trauma. He started vigorous training post recovery, amidst the problems in the kidney functions. In the 2015 World Championship, he won the bronze medal! He still owns the World Record on the 110 meter hurdle race.

Wasim Akram, Cricketer

wasim akram

If you think only the obese or inactive individuals fall prey for Diabetes, you are wrong! How do you take your life forward when you are diagnosed with diabetes during the peak of your career? Seek the answer from Wasim Akram!
One of the best bowlers of the World, despite being very active is a diabetic. Alarmingly, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, an insulin dependent condition. He was so depressed that everyone around him forced him to give up cricket. He proved everyone wrong and emerged as the World Class Player.

Franklin D Roosevelt, President

Franklin Roosevelt

One of the greatest American Presidents, elected 4 times to the office, suffered from a paralytic attack when he was 39 years. A sudden illness made him paralyzed from the waist down, for the rest of this life. He was cautious not to be seen in a wheelchair in public. The paralytic attack did not let him down from becoming the American President. He is the only American President to be elected 4 times to office.

Albert Einstein

albert Eistein

One of the greatest minds of the millennium immensely suffered from Dyslexia. Albert Einstein struggled hard during his school days. He was a tagged a failure, labeled as an autistic and even schizophrenic as he was not able to memorize even small things. While he could not recall the months of a year, he mastered the most complex mathematical formulas and theories in no time without any difficulty.
Don’t let illness bring you down and feel low! Just think about the people who battled some life threatening diseases to win against all odds and get inspired!