How to boost Immunity against Diseases

Immunity! You may not know how strong your immune system is. Your immune system is more powerful and extremely protective than you really imagine. The immune system protects you almost every second from threats, infections and microorganisms. To remain fit and free from diseases you should constantly work to boost immunity against diseases.

boost immunity

To quote an example of our immune systme, every individual lives with cancer cells. Don’t panic. The normal cells turn cancerous under various circumstances and different triggering factors. It literally indicates that every individual pose the risk of getting cancer. The similar principle applies to different health conditions, more specifically chronic and auto-immune diseases (and it is termed auto-immune diseases as it has no cure. When you have a strong immune system, you can lead a healthy life with no traces of diseases.

immune system

A good immune system is the key to prevent diseases and ensure longevity. How to build immunity against diseases? Building immunity against diseases precisely is not a single entity. A combination of various elements creates balance and harmony in the body which strengthen the immunity.

Focus on healthy foods

 boost immunity naturally

Building immunity against diseases starts from what you eat. Literally, food is everything when it comes to health and wellness. You cannot overlook healthy and nutritious foods.

  • Eat a balanced meal, including foods from all sources like grains, meat or vegetarian proteins, fresh produce, etc.
  • If possible, resort to vegetarian foods or reduce consumption of meat
  • Eat at least two or three cups of veggies and fruits every day.
  • Develop the habit of eating at least one fruit a day.

Vitamin C is called as an immune booster. Adding foods rich in vitamin C stimulates the immune function naturally. A glass of lemon juice or orange juice a day provides you vitamin C and enhances your immunity.

Avoid taking nutritional supplements

Unless recommended by a doctor, don’t go for any health or nutritional supplement. You may have low vitamin and mineral levels in the body. In many instances, you can gain the nutrients from foods you eat. Eat nutritious foods and avoid taking supplements.

20 to 30 minute exercise a day

Not many are aware about the effectiveness of physical activity to boost immunity. It adds a lot of defenses to the immune system which protects the body from diseases and infections.

exercise to boost immunity

The term ‘exercise’ is very simple and it literally covers all types of physical activities. When you exercise or even simply walk for a few minutes, your body gets the antibodies. It makes the white blood cells (the immune cells) move faster in the body, which enhances the ability of detecting the illness quicker.

In addition, exercise increases blood circulation, which releases healthy hormones that protect the immune cells from intruding pathogens. Merely 10 to 15 minutes walking a few times a day is sufficient to boost immunity against diseases.

Adequate Vitamin D

Yet another most overlooked factor that affects the immune system is low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is closely linked with a lot of chronic disorders and frequent infections. According to Center for Disease Control, adequate Vitamin D could enhance the immune’s response. Vitamin D is found in very few foods, but available in abundance naturally!

Yes, soak in the sun for a few minutes a day and get the daily dose of Vitamin D to boost immunity.

Reduce the Stress

Reduce Stress to boost immunity

Stress may have a very long term effect in the body. Stress releases many hormones which target the immune system. In fact, stress is the major trigger of many diseases. De-stress to boost immunity.

Develop healthy lifestyle to boost immunity

Beyond these, you should follow healthy living strategies. Following are a few things that can boost immunity.

  • Say no to smoking and drinking.
  • Enjoy a good sleep.
  • Periodically check the blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Include a lot of herbs and spices in your diet. Herbs and spices are natural immune boosters.

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