Early signs of Diabetes you should not ignore

early signs of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the modern age diseases. It is a serious condition, which may affect the cardiovascular health and damage the neurological functions. One out of every three individual is diagnosed with diabetes. Some of the early signs of diabetes are easily overlooked. Early detection of diabetes is essential to keep the diabetes under control and avoid complications. Following are some of the early signs of diabetes you should not ignore.

Frequent Urination


If you urinate several times a day, which sounds abnormal or wake up more than 2 times at night to empty your bladder, it is a warning sign of diabetes. Your kidneys work hard to get rid of the excessive glucose from the body and you often urinate.

It is not an urge to urinate often, but frequent urination.

Excessive Thirst


This symptom goes hand in hand with the above warning sign. When you frequently empty your bladder, your body loses the fluid. It increases your thirst and urges you to replenish the body with fluids. You may develop a constant sensation of thirst, regardless of the quantity of liquids you consume.

Increased Hunger / Frequent Craving

extreme hunger

Your body could not control the sugar level due to insufficient insulin. The constant fluctuations of the glucose level makes you feel tired too often and develop an urge to eat frequently.

In most cases, the above mentioned signs of diabetes appear together.

Sudden onset of weight gain or weight loss


According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes. If you are already overweight or gaining weight, make sure to check the glucose levels. Similarly, elevation of glucose level leads to a sudden onset of unexplained weight loss.

Due to insufficient insulin, the cells in the body are deprived of glucose. The body reacts that you starve and starts consuming the proteins. It leads to losing about 10 to 20 pounds in a few weeks, which cannot be overlooked.

Both unexplained weight gain and weight loss are early signs of diabetes.

Extreme Tiredness / Fatigue


Corresponding to the above fact, when the body lacks glucose in the cells, you feel very tired. However, fatigue and tiredness is not just the sign of diabetes. Even when you don’t feel well or experience mood swings, you may feel very tired. Lack of sleep also leads to fatigue. So, don’t merely conclude that if you are extremely tired, you are a diabetic. At the same time, don’t ignore it.

Sores and wounds don’t heal

Delayed healing is one of the classic signs of diabetes. Due to poor functions of the blood vessels, your body takes a lot of time to heal the wounds, cuts and infections.

Excessive sleep

excessive sleep

Feeling more sleepy than usual or sleeping excessively as compared to your regular sleep pattern might be a sign you should not ignore if prone to diabetes.


Blurred Vision


Your eyesight might start weakening or the vision becomes blurred. Do get a blood sugar test done along with an eye test when feeling more than one of these signs.

It is a preventable disease if you look for the early signs of diabetes. Proper diet, healthy lifestyle and physical activities help managing the diabetes under control and keep you healthy!

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