How to Overcome Joint Pain Naturally

joint painsJoint pain is not uncommon and causes a lot of discomfort. Although joint pain is caused by a number of factors (including the autoimmune conditions), you can do a lot of things to alleviate and overcome joint pain naturally. Buying medicines for instant relief from joint pains is the last things that should be on your mind.

Joints connect the bones and support the mobility. Although joints are designed to bear the stress and strain, sometimes, the extra pressure makes it difficult to tolerate the stress. Weak muscles, wear and tear of the tendons and ligaments that support the bones in the joints, bone weakness, etc collectively accumulate to joint paint.

Hot and Cold Wraps (Only for temporary pain relief)

The instant way to get relief from joint pain is hot and cold wraps.

Hot wraps reduce the pressure on the connective tissues and muscles. Warm compress dilates the blood vessels and eases blood flow. Taking bath in warm water or applying warm compress (soak a cotton cloth in hot water and apply it painful joints) can provide instant but temporary relief.

Cold wraps or cold compress works in a different way to reduce joint pain. It constricts the blood vessels, reduce blood flow to the joints, reduce swelling, which reduces the pain in the joints. Wrap ice cubes in a piece of cloth and apply it on the joints.

Do consult your doctor before using hot/cold wraps as the usage may be dependent on the cause/kind of pain.

Oil Massage

oil massage

Oil massage lubricates and strengthens the joints. Massaging the body with warm sesame oil once or twice a week is one of the ancient practices. Lack of hydration and weak muscles combined with weakening bones lead to joint pain. Applying oil improves the blood flow to the joints, strengthens the tissues and makes the bone strong and flexible.

Ginger Tea


Adding a few ingredients to your regular diet can improve your joint health internally. Ginger is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spice you can consume. Sip two or three cups of drinks with ginger. Ginger also acts as an analgesic which can prevent the pain to a great extent.

Eat these two greens daily for healthy joints

If you want to overcome joint pain naturally for a long term, eat these two greens (a choice of green leave daily as you prefer) for a minimum of 21 days.

  1. Balloon Vine – Botanical Name – Cardiospermum halicababum and referred as Modikattan, which helps in breaking the pain, stiffness and immobility.

Balloon Vine

You can consumer a handful of balloon vine every day in any form. It can be added in batter, wheat flour, in soups, curries or you can sauté it and consume it. The best way to eat balloon vine is adding in idli or dosa batter.

  1. Drumstick Leaves – Moringa – the leaves of the drumstick tree contains almost all nutrients that your body requires. It is very high in calcium and regular consumption of moringa leaves strengthen the joints and ease away the pain.

Drumstick Leaves

You can cook moringa leaves like any green leafy vegetable.

After 21 days, include any of these or both at least twice a week in your meal.

Do stretching exercises

excercise for joints

While topical remedies can help you overcome joint pain naturally to some extent, you should also focus on a long term cure. Stretching exercises is the best way to keep joint pain at the bay.

Do simple stretches like leg lift (Standing, sitting, reclining), backward and forward bending, leg swings, arm swings, spinal twist, etc.

If you have any medical conditions like cervical spondylosis, talk to a physician or consult a physiotherapist to get the right choice of stretching exercises.

Remember, the above-mentioned things help you overcome joint pain naturally and ease away the pain. In a few cases, you may certainly need medical intervention beyond trying natural remedies for joint pain.