Types of cough and medicine options

Coughing is not always a sign of sickness but is never a fun situation. To cure the cough you need to know the types of cough you have as the medicine may vary depending on the type of cough.


Some of you may be aware that there are two types of cough, viz, dry cough and wet cough! The medicines for different types of cough differ. Following are some of the variations of cough and the medicine option you can try to get rid of cough.

Dry Cough

dry cough

Dry cough is caused due to irritation, allergy or dry air. Even a random tickle in the throat can lead to incessant dry cough. It is an irritation characterized by absence of mucus. Persistent dry cough can create burning sensation in the throat and pain radiating from throat to internal ear canal.

Medicines for Dry Cough

Since the cough is characterized by absence of moisture, keeping the throat hydrated reduces coughing.

You can use an antihistamine to reduce the cough caused by allergies.

Honey is the best natural medicine for dry cough. Consume one or two teaspoons of raw honey to soothe the throat.

Wet Cough

Wet cough, obviously produces a lot of mucus and is caused by bacterial infection. Wet cough often accompanies running nose and mild fever. You cough to expel the mucus blocking the airway.

If you often suffer from wet cough, say you get cough almost every month, it can be chronic bronchitis, caused by inflammation of the airways. You may need the medical advice and diagnosis to prevent developing COPD.

Wet Cough with Fever

If you have fever along with wet cough, it may be a sign of viral. In addition, when you cough you may discharge the phlegm in abnormal color like green or yellow or even bloody mucus. It is caused by viral infection and you should consult with a physician.

Medicines for Wet Cough

Wet cough will ease away on its own in a few days. When the cough is mild and you don’t cough often at night, just ignore it, the cold goes away on its own. You can consume the OTC cough suppressants to reduce coughing if you cough persistently and it affects your sleep. Antibiotics are preferred to fight the infection.

When it comes to home remedies, ginger tea makes the best remedy for wet cough.

Smoker’s Cough

smokers cough

As the name indicates, it is caused by smoking or secondary smoking (you inhale the smoke). Smoker’s cough can be a warning of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) if you also suffer from chest tightness or shortness of breath along with a cough.

Medicines for Smoker’s Cough

The best remedy for smoker’s cough is quitting smoking.

If you experience other symptoms with cough, consult a physician to get proper medicines.

Sour Cough


If you experience a sour taste in your throat accompanied by cough, it is caused by acid reflux or GERD. GERD occurs when the food you eat moves back to the throat due to excessive acid in the stomach.

Medicines for Sour Cough

Treating the acid reflux provides relief from sour cough. Eat alkaline foods and try taking antacids for a few days to get rid of acid reflux.

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