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Privacy & Refund Policy 

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy for hiring and developing of brand Med-X under contract are illustrated and defined by the management of FXBS Services OPC Pvt. Ltd. Having their exclusive rights on all developments including IPR value, Software, brand and other such intellectual properties as are to be defined by the exclusive and own part of FXBS Services OPC Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata that FXBS shall reserves its exclusive rights on its IPR value of marketing policies, brand promotion and other such amenities including its software management application, software mobile application and other electronic and digital bannering for its promotion from time to time. FXBS reserves all its statutory rights of copy right act to apply on the develop and ownership of the brand Med-X within West Bengal and apart firm. Co pying of any material from its digital sources or from any other sources shall be treated as the violation of section 57 and section 58 of Indian Copy Right Act violator shall be punishable under the said law of land.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy of Med-x is very clear and prominent and applicable to all its customer and member from all stores at any point of time. Any product purchased from any store if found defective and any medicine if found sold after expiry or any medicine if sold within defect glister and torn-cover shall be replaced immediately once it is reported to the store with original invoice or in any case if any complains such registered in our grievance portal through our digital sources shall be acted within 24 hours from the corporate of FXBS lying and situated at ANR-14, ground floor, North Block, Astra Tower, Kolkat-700135 under police station- Eco Park.

Any such grievances shall registered with our grievance portal shall be resolved under section 9 of arbitration and reconciliation act or any such grievance regarding defects of any medicine if shall be registered shall be replaced by the nearest Med-X counter immediately without any further interaction and said so.