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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and condition are specified by the management of FXBS Service (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. having their corporate office act ANR-14 Ground Floor Astra Tower, North Block, New Town Action Area-II C under Eco-Park Police Station Kolkata-700135. To do more act and business operations smoothly and condition are spelled out and assigned as per the statuary Provision of section-7,8 and 9 of Indian Contract Act to maintain and acceptance by the vendor and franchise are absolute ,subject notwithstanding , performance of the condition is acceptance in absolute for a reciprocal promise to carry out & acceptance of such Terms & Conditions and promise by the vendors and Franchise are made in words are said to be expressed and future said to implied .

For Vendor:

1. Vendors are said to be the business development partners of brand Med-X under management FXBS Service (OPC) Pvt. Ltd and to be strictly adhere by the guidelines of the conditions of FXBS.

2. Intending vendors for showing their interest need to pay Rs.750/- as a token of their showing interest to act as a registered vendor of Med-X under guidelines of team admin FXBS.

3. The selected vendors shall be paid by Rs.5000 onetime deduction of TDS as the vendor liaising fees as and when any such agreement for any shop been executed.

4. All vendors shall also be paid monthly remuneration from the specified business Med-X achieved from such shop for a period of 1year, particularly for those shops which has been referred and liaised by the vendor himself/herself.

5. No vendor cannot be considered under the payroll of the FXBS and no vendors cannot claim any amount from the business of Med-X in any point of time unless and otherwise it is legally acceptable by the management of FXBS otherwise written.

6. No vendors can claim any further amount from the said franchise or from MED-X from any point of time in near future for his/her liaising to create shop code only at onc

For Franchise:

The acceptability/acceptance of franchise is hereby determined by the management of FXBS, basis of their experience, qualification & financial capability.

The franchise expels his/her financial strength and believing upon such representation, the management of FXBS once determine to give the franchise to the specific applicant by execution of the brand contract agreement including / with a payment of statutory branding fee as applicable at the time of executing the documents.

The franchise is governed and guided by the specific rules & guidelines of MED-X under team FXBS & shall binding himself / herself to act to do more as per section 7, 8 & 9 of Indian Contract Act and the franchise statutorily agreed to abide by the terms & conditions as laid down in the brand contract document to or to be executed at that point of time.

Effecting such contract on time the franchise are binding themselves to follow the principle guidelines of MED-X under team FXBS and not-withstanding to compel to act as the franchise / business partner of MED-X in a JV method where in the franchise shall get a certain amount of business profit from such specified store after deduction of a common monthly expenses as a more to be specified in the brand contract agreement depending upon the shape and size of the shop.

The franchise can’t claim the IPR value of the MED-X and on termination of such contract the amount as paid for taking the brand shall be forfeited in terms of to decorate the shop internally except fixtures like air conditioner, Refrigerator, Computers, Printers and the franchise are allowed to see and inspect the business of his/her particular shop at the end of the month ands after inspection he/she shall be paid instantly as per brand contract agreement between the parties.

Intending franchise for showing their interest need to pay Rs.275/- as a token of their showing interest to act as a registered franchise of Med-X under guidelines of team admin FXBS.