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Medical products and the trust on a healthy life are being found on our own medical store. The convinient and genuinity of products is a key as the health graph always lies on a rough patch. Providing wide range of medicines to help customers look after their health effortlessly. Med-X is committed in delivering affordable medications as well as customer service that is worthy of valued loyalty of the customers.

Our Mission

Med-X is in a mission to provide affordable and easily accessible medication and healthcare products to the community. Aiming itself to be reliable and a trusted source of healthcare needs. Leading, researching and developing variety of alternative solutions to the poisonous chemicals those are circulated around. Promising 24x7 doctor and ambulance facility as well as creating a safe environment by emphasizing precautions, safety and welfare to the customers. Helping customers to live a healthy life with the mission to improve the quality of life through routine and affordable health care. To improve everyone's comfort and well-being by providing the most convinient pharmaceutical services. To increase customer's accessibility to pharmaceutical drugs by providing quality products at affordable prices. To leave a legacy of excellence by helping seniors lead comfortable lives and achieve independence. Med-X aims to honor the customer's dignity and empower them in their hardest time.

Our Vision

In a vision to become the go-to destination for all heathcare needs in the community and to be recognised as a leading provider of high quality medical provider and services. Aiming in continuously improving its offerings and services to better service the customers and stay up-to date with the latest development in the healthcare industries. To be the prominent name in the community for being innovative and providing unparalleled customer care with well being programs while helping the human kind by providing quality medicines. In the perception to become a global healthcare organization and to be recognized as domestic and internationally integrated healthcare and pharmaceutical company through innovation, quality and competence. The presence in the society is being marked by creating a portfolio of low cost medicines. The long term success requires a total committment to exceptional standards of services values.


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Health records
Taking all safety and hygiene measures to save your health records.
100 % sequrity
100% security
We provide the essetials to keep our customers safe and secure.
suport and suply
Powerful support and supply
Our medical supplies are powerful in saving your life.
genuine product
Genuine products
We distribute real products to keep immune system strong.

Providing Quality Healthcare

  • 24/7 Qualified Specialized Doctors On Call.
  • 24/7 Medicine Delivery at Doorstep.
  • 24/7 Ambulance on Call .
  • Free Diabetes & Blood Pressure Check up at Store.
  • Highest Discount in Offline & Online Purchase.
  • Cashless Payment opportunity.
  • One to One Client & Customer Relationship Management.
  • Opportunity to avail MED-X money.
  • Grow business with MED-X in JV Method.
  • AI based Priority sales management Integration.
  • Assist in medical emergency.

Med-X Money

MED-X Money, is a revolving credit facility, when a MED-X member purchase medicine from any MED-X counter, his/her discount both in online & offline are transfer into his MED-X membership id card which has the wallet reflection in our dedicated and specialized mobile application page. This wallet value can be encashed through Pan India basis at any point of time from any MED-X counter

Access of Online Sale

Our Premium and Exclusive mobile application - INTELLICURE
  • Purchase
  • Wallet Inspection
  • MED-X Money
  • Vendor Registration
  • 24/7 Doctor on Call
  • 24/7 Ambulance Services
25% Off


Central Purchasing and Monitoring
Different Distribution
Direct To Customer(D2C)


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Operational Excellence

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Continuous Growth

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Team of experts

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Projects Completed
Years of experience


Subhojit Lahiri
Founder & CEO

I am delighted to address you as the CEO of our esteemed pharmaceutical chain, Med-X. We are proud to have been serving the healthcare needs of our customers for several years and we are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence.

At Med-X, we believe in the power of innovation and collaboration. Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to develop and distribute cutting-edge pharmaceutical products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We also strive to foster strong relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions to provide the best possible care to our customers.

We are grateful for the trust and loyalty that our customers have placed in us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the years ahead. Thank you for choosing Med-X as your trusted partner in healthcare.

Subhojit Lahiri
anneshwa dey
Anneshwa Dey
 Executor & system modulator

"Planning and execution are the pillars of success in the pharmaceutical industry. By aligning our resources and strategies towards a common goal, we can optimize our operations and deliver innovative solutions that improve health outcomes for patients. At Med-X, we are committed to leading the way in pharmaceutical innovation through meticulous planning and precise execution."

Sanjay das
Sanjay Das
Digital Propagator & Explanator

"Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we think about healthcare and its related services, and at Med-X, we are leading the way in this exciting new frontier. By propagating accurate and engaging information through digital channels, we can educate and inform patients, healthcare providers, stakeholders and empower them to make better and right decisions about their health related issued."

Srinjoy Chanda
Brand Co-ordinator & BDM

"At Med-X, we understand the importance of building strong and trusted brands in the pharmaceutical industry. By coordinating our efforts and working closely with our business development team, we can create innovative and effective strategies that drive growth, build loyalty, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes."

Debanjan Dhar
Programmer & AI Integrator

"As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, so too does the role of technology in improving patient outcomes. At Med-X, we believe that AI is key to unlocking the full potential of healthcare. By developing innovative solutions that combine human expertise with cutting-edge technology, we can create a brighter, healthier future for all."

Dr. Subhojit Biswas
Dr. Subhojit Biswas

"As a medical doctor with a specialization in DNB, my role at Med-X is to provide clinical expertise and guidance to ensure that our products and services are safe, effective, and meet the highest standards of medical care. By putting patients at the center of everything we do and working closely with healthcare providers, we can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve."

Dr. Nazmul Hassan
MBBS, Critical Care specialist

"As a critical care specialist with an MBBS degree, my focus at Med-X is on improving the quality of care for critically ill patients. By leveraging the latest medical research and technology, we can develop innovative solutions that address unmet needs and improve patient outcomes. At Med-X, we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families."